HTML5 Video Demo

This is a demo of the code described in How to Insert a Video into Your Website using HTML (HTML5). It uses the HTML5 <video> element to embed a video.

As mentioned in the tutorial, if you use too old a browser, the above video player will not appear.

Technical Details

For the curious, the video above was recorded using OBS, a free screen recording utility using the method described in How to Record a Game Video. (Yes, the same method applies whether you are recording a game or a web browser or whatever.) It was then remuxed to MP4 using that same software. I then converted a copy to the WebM format using a transcoder. (The latter is just the fancy name for a video converter, a piece of software that converts videos between different formats. You may not even need one, since many video editors can also transcode directly.)

The HTML code for embedding the video is discussed in detail in the main tutorial article mentioned earlier.

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