Feedback Form Script with Invisible CAPTCHA Demo

Thank You Page

As you probably already know, this is the Thank You page, displayed by the script after you have submitted the feedback form.

On your own website, you should of course thank your visitors for sending you their feedback. If you are not sure what to say, you may use the following text:

Your message has been sent. Thank you for your comments.

If you're satisfied with testing the script, you can visit's Free Feedback Form Script Wizard to create your own customized feedback form for your site.

If you still want to test the script, click here to return to invisible CAPTCHA demo or go to one of the other feedback form demos: the visible CAPTCHA demo or the standard contact form demo.

Feedback Form Tutorials

The following tutorials teach you how to use the Feedback Form Script Wizard to set up a feedback form on your website.

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